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Twin Peaks is a mystery crime series from the early 90s.
This blog is run by 2 friends who recently became fans of this series.

Being a big David Lynch-Fan myself for about 2 years and having a friend who loved the video game „Alan Wake“ it was only a matter of time for us to stumble upon Twin Peaks, discovering it for ourselves and each other. The first episode aired in springtime of 1990. More than 20 years after this we decided to look around the internet and the series itself -especially the first season- for videos, screen caps and other pictures that we think are important to understand and to love Twin Peaks like we do.

We love the music, the actors, the humour, the profundity, of course the story (not to forget Audrey!) and if you are honest to yourself, you love all of this as well.
Yes, we love Twin Peaks.